Vintage Lo-Fi Delay Plug-In

Inertia Sound Systems’ Hinder revisits Bucket Brigade Delays      16/09/22

Inertia Sound Systems has released Hinder which they describe as that vintage lo-fi delay you’ve been missing. This is what they have to say about it…

New is not always better. That’s why we looked into something that was proven and true. Bucket Brigade Delay has stood the test of time, but since we were not limited to the confinements of its era, we kicked it up a notch.

Its core has been accurately modeled after BBD principles. But it comes with many useful and creative features, towards sound design and versatility. It aims to be a swiss army knife when a vintage delay tone is needed.


  •     Accurate BBD modeling with sound tweaking freedom
  •     Overall tone for brighter or darker sound
  •     Separate or Linked Delay Time for Left and Right Channel
  •     Focused or wider delay effect control
  •     Feedback LP / HP analog modeled filters
  •     Feedback Compression module with amount and speed controls
  •     Overdrive via the HEAT parameter that applies to the resampling and feedback filters
  •     Delay line modulation for Chorus and Flanger effects
  •     Bit Depth and Quantisation artifact mix control
  •     Synced to host or free running
  •     A portable and intuitive preset system
  •     Explanatory on-screen tooltips on mouse hover over the parameters
  •     Minimal, clean UI

Pricing and Availability:

€ 40

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