Twin sister duo, The Veronicas, comprised of Lisa and Jessica Origliasso, are going out on their own. However, that doesn’t mean a nail is in the coffin for the Australian electro-pop pair.

As they announced solo endeavors on Sept. 5, there were a couple of Instagram posts that originally fueled the speculation of a split. On their individual social media pages, they each shared samples of their own singles.

Lisa shared snippets of a music video for her song, “Cruisin’ On My Own,” with the caption “I’m going solo.”

While Jessica shared a clip that teased the release of the single “Seeing Stars,” captioned “ARE YOU ON MY TEAM…” Both posts stirred separation rumors.

The Veronicas’ shared page was also cleared of all posts over the weekend and featured a message in their bio reading, “Love knows not its own depth, until the hour of separation.” The cryptic quote from writer Kahlil Gibran didn’t help said rumors.

Both singles were released in full today (Sept. 7) with the break-up reportedly a publicity stunt—part of a campaign by Vodka Cruiser aimed at “removing barriers to female and femme fun and breaking down the societal stigma associated with self-pleasure and self-love,” according to a press release.

Of her ’60s throwback pop ballad, “Cruisin’ On My Own,” Lisa explains, “My song talks about the importance of taking the time to discover the most important relationship in your life—the one with yourself. Taking your time to really understand yourself, your needs and to empower yourself through self-care.”

Jessica says her single “Seeing Stars” is “all about exploring the idea of feminine power.” Contrasting Lisa’s slow-burner, Jessica’s revved-up single is nothing but energy. “By flipping the well-known stereotype of ‘boys and their toys’ on its head, ‘Seeing Stars’ is a song that reminds us that self-pleasure is for everyone,” the singer continues.

The sisters cleared up any split speculations, posting on their shared page with the caption “We are powerful together, but we can be equally as powerful alone.”

Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

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