How does it feel to be an expert in a dying field, The Beths ask in the title track of their new album.

The New Zealand indie pop quartet’s third record, Experts in a Dying Field, contains 12 bright, guitar-driven tracks. The album is part autobiography, part character sketch, riddled with smart melodies, throwback power-pop sounds, and story-heavy songs with poignantly poetic lyrics.

With their third musical venture, the band set out to create music for the stage. The songs on the album, with infectious, groove-inducing sounds, were meant to be experienced live. While they stray from theatrics, the band performs with sheer power and authority that captivates audiences instead.

Fronted by vocalist and guitarist Elizabeth Stokes, accompanied by guitarist Jonathan Pearce, bassist Benjamin Sinclair, and drummer Tristan Deck, The Beths have broken out as one of the most impressively striking indie bands since their 2018 debut album, Future Me Hates Me. Having supported the likes of other indie legends such as Pixies, Death Cab for Cutie, and The Breeders, with Stokes’ heartfelt and intimate songwriting against the band’s dynamic instrumentation, they are poised to join their ranks.

Experts in a Dying Field follows the band’s 2020 sophomore effort, Jump Rope Gazers, an album that marked another standout performance. The band is currently touring Australia and New Zealand with a string of US dates slated for late winter and early spring of 2023.

Track List:

1. “Expert In A Dying Field”

2. “Knees Deep”

3. “Silence Is Golden”

4. “Your Side”

5. “I Want To Listen”

6. “Head In The Clouds”

7. “Best Left”

8. “Change In The Weather”

9. “When You Know You Know”

10. “A Passing Rain”

11. “I Told You That I Was Afraid”

12. “2am”

(Photo by Dave Simpson/WireImage)

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