RouteNote’s New Music Releases 17th September 2021: Twelve belting tracks for you

RouteNote’s New Music Releases 17th September 2021: Twelve belting tracks for you

We’re back again with yet another twelve new tracks released through RouteNote that are essential listening.

It’s that time of the week again where we tantalize your ears with the prospect of more great new music that has been distributed through RouteNote (for free). We’ve selected our favorites and added them to our in-house playlists.

The following tracks have been added to RouteNote’s exciting new Spotify playlists: Catalyst specializing in dance and chill house, Lo-Fi our chilled hip-hop relaxation playlist, Hooked with high tempo, motivational dance music, and the mellow treasure trove Tranquilize.

Jordan Schor – The Fool

Great vocals accompanied by anthemic and emotive beats, a great addition to our Hooked Playlist.

Hanzy – sex money feelings die

A dance track with a hook so large you could hang your coat off it, a fine addition to the Hooked playlist.


A slow burner that rewards the listener, as it cascades towards the culminating drop, you pulled into the energetic sounds of STRAYVER.

Gypsey Woman – Third Vibes

An anthemic dance track that is guaranteed to get you moving, a brilliant track for the Catalyst playlist.

Miscris – Boom Clap

A fun, energetic, dance track that is oozing in good vibes. Do yourself a favour and get this one on repeat via our Catalyst playlist.

Tommy Loude – Nostalgia

Get your fix of some deep house with Tommy Loude’s latest release ‘Nostalgia’. This truly brings the vibe to our Catalyst playlist.

Temple – Cool Summer

Peaceful, tranquil, and pleasant are just three words to describe Temple’s latest single ‘Cool Summer’. Now available on our LoFi playlist.

Flex – Without You LoFi Mix

A wonderful example of LoFi that uses subtle beats to create a warm atmosphere. Perfect for our LoFi playlist.

METAHESH – I’m Lonely But Not Inside

A subtly wonderful track that creates a real cinematic sonic aura, one to be enjoyed with earphones on a nighttime walk.

Slow June – Exeter II

A psychedelic and experimental piece of music that is wonderfully infectious, check it out now on the Tranquilize playlist.

Hijo Unico – Arquitectura

Get whisked away to sleepy land with this wonderfully relaxed release from Hijo Unico. Listen today on our Tranquilize playlist.

The Skating Party – Seventeen cages

Psychedelic art house indie pop to soothe your ears, thanks to The Skating Party. Check it out on our Tranquilize playlist.

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