Ringo Starr has released his third EP, EP3, featuring four new songs—”World Go Round,” “Everyone and Everything,” “Let’s Be Friends,” and “Free Your Soul.” Starr’s third EP follows the 2021 releases of Change the World and Zoom In.

“Every song on this EP relates to peace and love,” said Starr in a statement. “When I was in The Beatles we started looking at the world in the ’60s and thanks to the hippies a lot of us had a change of mind and peace and love and helping each other and being kind if you can became our goal.”

Starr added, “So I always look for songs that speak to that and all these songs have the same sentiment just written in a different way. I also love the magic of making a record. I have a lot of fun and I am open-minded, and it’s great to see what happens.” 

Recorded at Starr’s Roccabella West studio, where he also recorded his Change The World and Zoom In albums, EP3 features his collective of collaborators, including All Starr Band bandmate Steve Lukather, along with Linda Perry, Dave Koz, José Antonio Rodriguez, Starr’s longtime engineer Bruce Sugar, and more familiar guests.

Throughout the four tracks, Starr experiments with four different sounds from the electric “World Go Round”—I know it’s hard to carry on, so for you I wrote this song…We all make the world go round, you’re not alone in this / We all make the world go round. Together, all of us—featuring a video shot by Brent Carpenter, as Starr, Lukather, and Joseph Williams recorded the track in the studio.

Written by Linda Perry, the more soulful pop “Everyone and Everything” sends a message of forgiveness and shift of mindset—Show an act of kindness don’t expect it back / We could learn to be forgiving, maybe teach someone the same / Everything needs changing today. 

“Linda is so great, a lot of fun to be around, and one of the most beautiful human beings, heart, and soul, in the world,” said Starr. “She wrote this track and I loved the sentiment of it.”

The more uptempo and funky “Let’s Be Friends” was written by Sugar and Sam Hollander. “I’d worked with Sam before but not in a few years so I thought it would be fun to do it again,” said Starr of the collaboration. “Sam came up with the line, ‘Let’s Be Friends,’ and I loved it. He built the rest of the song around it.”

The closing “Free Your Soul,” written by Starr and Sugar, and featuring Koz, moves in a more chill and jazz-tilted direction. “Bruce had a start of a song and we had a line—that’s all we ever need,” said Starr. “If we have one line we can write a song around anything and it turned out really well. And when we were recording it, we just kept jammin.’ It’s like five minutes long and that turned out great because it gave Dave [Koz] a chance to wail.”

Ringo is currently on tour with All Starr Band, featuring Lukather, Colin Hay, Edgar Winter, Hamish Stuart, Warren Ham, and Gregg Bissonette, with stops in the U.S. and Canada before concluding on Oct. 20 in Mexico City.

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