Podcast: Sonic TALK 729 – Drumlogue, Spectrasonics Flow, Knobcon

Questions too      22/09/22


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Baby Audio

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00:00:16 SHOW START

00:06:32 Korg Drumalogue

00:23:05 AD: Baby Audio – Save 15% With ST15 Code

00:24:25 Knobcon Vids

00:36:16 AD: iZotope Music Producers Club

00:46:53 Spectrasonics Flow Capture

00:52:30 Aquatic Borealis asks via – [youtube] – QQ Are any of the panelists trying to use touchscreen for music making? Microsoft Surface? iPad?

00:52:41 Spectrasonics Flow Capture

00:58:47 Rockky67 asks via – [youtube] – @Gaz Williams I just got a Boss GR 55 and I blame you 🙂 – QQ What was the most recent bit of hardware an internet influencer talked you into buying?

01:04:02 jhvedark asks via – [twitch] – QQ what’s the rarest piece kit anyone has ???


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