More Vintage Synth Sounds For Your Nautilus

Kid Nepro releases Korg Nautilus Volume #12 – Vintage Synths 2      06/09/22

Kid Nepro has released a new set of sounds for the HD-1 Synth Engine. Vintage Synths 2 is . Kid Nepro says that it’s his reply to all the fans who’ve requested “More Vintage Synth Sounds”.

Kid Nepro says that Vintage Synths 2 contains 373 Megs of new multi samples with a wide assortment of classic analog basses, leads, pads, strings and killer synths that have that vintage analog sound that many musicians pay big bucks for – now at a fraction of the cost. Here’s more details in Kid Nepro’s own words…

The best thing about sampling vintage analog synths into Nautilus is that Kid Nepro has added all the amazing effects and real time controls to create a mix of super analog synths on steroids. All programs and combis include full ARP functions and drum track as well as control assignments to the Nautilus Joystick, SW1 & SW2 and User Knobs. The result is the best analog sound with the best modern controls that will inspire you to create amazing new music.

Nautilus Vintage Synths 2 is perfect for your next studio recording or live gig. Or if you just want to jam along, the cool ARP grooves included on all 64 Programs & 16 Combis will have you jamming for hours.

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