Hi-def music streaming platform Qobuz makes moves into Asia

Hi-def music streaming platform Qobuz makes moves into Asia


Image Credit: Qobuz

Hi def music streaming platform Qobuz expands into Asia with the purchase of Japanese online music store e-onkyo music.

The parent company of streaming service Qobuz, Xandrie SA, has just bought Japanese hi res music downloads platform e-onkyo.

The focus by French platform Qobuz on hi-definition music streaming means the hi-res music downloads offered by e-onykyo are very much in keeping with its brand. Buying e-onykyo brings the Asian market to Qobuz, bringing a broader range of local tracks to its platforms.

The platform’s previous owner was Japanese electronics company Onkyo Corporation, which plans to focus on its core hardware business instead.

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Image Credit: Qobuz

Georges Fornay, Deputy CEO of Qobuz, said: “Thanks to the acquisition of e-onkyo music, Qobuz has taken a new step in its international development and is successfully pursuing its growth ambitions in the Asian market.”

“This union will allow Qobuz to offer a high value-added and eclectic music, as well as the most complete high-resolution download offer on the market. Qobuz aims to rapidly launch a streaming offer in Japan.”

The acquisition is the latest step in French streaming platform’s expansion plan. In April Qobuz became available for the first time in new countries in Northern Europe, as well as Australia and New Zealand, bringing the platform’s 70 million songs to millions more potential listeners. Further expansion into Asia is bound to follow.

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