Get your music out on Instagram

Get your music out on Instagram

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Step this way to find out how to get your own music on Instagram for free, so that people can use your song in their Reels and Instagram Stories.

With RouteNote music distribution, musicians and producers can release their music for free onto Spotify and other streaming services. And there’s now more places online for listeners can discover your music than ever before – you can also upload your songs to Instagram and Facebook through RouteNote.

Social media monetisation ensures that every time the track is used by a user in the background of a post, you’ll be paid royalties. RouteNote’s music distribution is completely free, and artists keep 85% of the profits when their song is used on Instagram and played on platforms like Apple Music.

Once your music is part of the Instagram music library, your track could end up being the soundtrack to a viral Instagram Reel – fantastic promotion for independent artists, without any need to first sign a record deal or a complicated contract.

When you sign up with RouteNote you always keep all the rights to your music, no matter how many of our partners you upload tracks to.

We also offer a Premium distribution tier, which lets artists keep 100% of revenue for a small upfront fee. Whether you’re a Free or Premium artist there’s bonuses like promotional tools, chances to feature on curated playlists, a dedicated SoundCloud Network, and support from a team of passionate music lovers.

Find out more and sign up with RouteNote today to get your music in front of waiting listeners all over the world.

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