Get your dream band together with Supergrouper Spotify playlist maker feature

Get your dream band together with Supergrouper Spotify playlist maker feature

Spotify Supergrouper, a spotify playlist generator game.

Image Credit: Spotify

Play around with Supergrouper to make a band from your favourite artists and get an automatic Spotify playlist.

Ever looked at your favourite artists and dreamt of what they’d be like onstage together? Spotify has launched a fun new feature that creates an allstar music supergroup.

Playlists automatically generated by Spotify are usually personalised based on factors like genre and mood. Supergrouper puts together a playlist featuring only a set amount of artists, meaning you’ll get a more tailored and eclectic result. Kate Bush as lead singer and Stormzy writing the lyrics, say.

Users in Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, UK, and US can try Supergrouper by going to on their mobile device.

How to use Spotify Supergrouper

Spotify Supergrouper.

First choose the size of your supergoup, between three and five members.

You’ll be prompted to choose artists to fill roles like Lead Singer, Lyricist, and Producer. A band member such as the Up and Comer will be the emerging artist of the group, and The Wildcard, presumably, is the band member who turns up late, drinks all the beers and never chips in for gas money.

For each band member you can Randomize to get a result based on your listening history, or pick an artist by typing in the Search for Artist bar. You can go back and change your selections by hitting the arrow.

When it comes to naming your band, a generator does the work for you. Choose two phrases to make a name.

You’ll end up with a shareable card to show your social media followers what your new band looks like, and a playlist made up of random songs by each member.

Spotify’s playlist recommendations are one of the biggest draws for users of the streaming service. Features such as Enhance add in randomised different artists based around the genre and mood of the playlist; Blend merges your listening taste with a friend’s or selected artist.

My Supergroup wound up being called Oh No Everybody. It also contained Taylor Swift as the, er, emerging artist of the fivesome. Maybe yours will be more accurate! Give Supergrouper a go here.

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