Free distribution to Apple Music HiFi

Free distribution to Apple Music HiFi

With the recent announcement of lossless audio coming to Apple Music for free, we wanted to inform that you can distribute your music to the streaming platform, in HiFi quality for free with RouteNote.

Apple recently announced that it was adding lossless audio streaming to Apple Music for free, making it the first streaming service to do so for free. However, other services such as Spotify (launching soon), TIDAL, Deezer, Qobuz, and Amazon Music offer the HiFi tier to users. 

It’s looking more likely that HiFi quality streaming is going to be the standard on music streaming platforms, especially as Apple and Amazon have done so for free. So, as an artist you’re going to want your music uploaded in the highest quality possible, thankfully RouteNote can help you do this, for free! 

RouteNote launched FLAC uploads in 2015, with this feature now being free to all users in 2018. Distributing your lossless music files to RouteNote is easy and will be ready for Apple Music’s Lossless CD Quality by the end of the year, this goes for previously uploaded FLAC files too. 

To distribute your music with RouteNote, go to the site, load your 16 bit/44.1 kHz FLAC files, tick the stores and streaming services you want to distribute to, then pick either Free Distribution or Premium Distribution. Free Distribution doesn’t cost a penny and you keep 85% of the revenue generated. Premium costs a small fee, while you keep 100% of the revenue generated. As an artist, you always remain in control and retain 100% of the rights. 

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