Fedde Le Grand takes on the 3 Minute Mix | Top 100 DJs x VirtualDJ

Fedde Le Grand takes on the 3 Minute Mix | Top 100 DJs x VirtualDJ

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DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs has teamed up with VirtualDJ for a new video series. 3-Minute Mix showcases some of the world’s leading DJs — picked from the ranks of Top 100 DJs — who’ll showcase their skills in just three minutes on VirtualDJ.

Watch more of the world’s top DJs take on the 3-minute mix 👇
Diego Miranda – https://youtu.be/9rtVcq8-LJ0
NERVO – https://youtu.be/cTDSy8xI5NA
Beauz – https://youtu.be/zXN4gVR_VhI
ALOK – https://youtu.be/tSgzTQWHg8c

Artists taking on the 3-Minute Mix include ALOK, NERVO, Afrojack, Mariana Bo, Fedde Le Grand, Tujamo, W&W, Beauz, Christina Novelli, Bassjackers, Diego Miranda, Vintage Culture, Cat Dealers, Danny Avila, Plastik Funk and Will Sparks, with some surprise guests still to be announced.

With more than 100 million downloads, VirtualDJ is by far the most-used DJ software on the market, and has a recognised history of technical innovations that have shaped digital DJing for the past 20 years. Most recent of these is their stem separation function that gives DJs the potential to create remixes or even make acapellas on the fly.

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