Former vocalist of the disbanded electronic rock band Chromatics, Ruth Radelet, recently announced her solo debut, The Other Side.

In a statement, the musician explained The Other Side “represents a side of my personality as an artist that most people haven’t seen until now.”

“It also represents my coming out the other side of a traumatic experience, gathering what I could from ‘Before’ and figuring out how to exist ‘After,’” the singer said, describing making the record during a two-year period of loss and transformation. “I lost almost everything, including my father who was a huge influence on me.

“Most of the songs were written just before I was caught up in a storm of big changes, and they were all finished just as life started to feel sweet again. It feels right to share some of the last chapter before moving into the next, and though it is a melancholy record, for me, The Other Side is a step into a bigger and brighter future,” she added of her first solo endeavor.

With today’s announcement (Sept. 7), Radelet shared her latest single “Stranger,” a hauntingly lonely portrait of a busy and blinding city, the song shows off the singer’s deep, matter-of-fact voice, a sound as beautifully bleak and monochrome as the accompanying video.

According to Radelet, the track is about “a specific kind of loneliness that I have only felt in Los Angeles. Although the song is very much about longing, it’s more about a place than a person. The lyric I could never hold you in my hands is about the feeling of always being on the outside looking in, of the city never fully opening its doors to me.”

The 5-track EP will drop on October 7.

Prior to “Stranger,” Radelet introduced fans to her solo sound with the single “Crimes,” released in April of this year. Spooky and synth-filled, “Crimes” proved Radelet’s ability to pick up the pieces and forge her own artistic path early on.


1. “Stranger”

2. “Sometimes”

3. “Crimes”

4. “Be Careful”

5. “Youth”

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