Enzo Siragusa Presents E:DIMENSION Live From Printworks London

Enzo Siragusa Presents E:DIMENSION Live From Printworks London

A venture to reconnect with the journey element of DJing through longer sets without musical limitation, E:DIMENSION kicks off on Friday 29th April at Printworks with an All Night Long set from Enzo Siragusa.

E:DIMENSION marks the evolution of sound and visuals across an extended set presented by Enzo Siragusa. Having commanded the Press Halls at the FUSE 13th birthday last November with a scintillating closing set – this brand new event concept will take that feeling to the next level, complemented by an entirely unique, new and improved lighting production & visual show.

Enzo Siragusa has dedicated much of his career to creating immersive dance floor experiences delivered on high-quality sound systems. His annual ‘All Night’ and ‘All Day’ sets have become an essential event in London to see him air out a record collection that spans decades, boasting ambient, jungle, DnB, breaks, house, techno, minimal and beyond. These longer sets where Enzo can take audiences on a real journey have ignited his original love and passion for the art of DJing, and as we enter a new era of raving, Enzo is taking the reins to be able to express himself without limitation.

Thumbnail image: @JakePhillipDavis

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