Doja Cat has set the record straight about her new music … by contradicting everything she says.

Earlier this month, rap star Doja Cat revealed that her next album would be ’90s German rave-inspired.

“I can’t really tell much. I just know there’s a lot going on,” the “Kiss Me More” singer shared when asked about new music in a recent interview. “I’m very into this ’90s German rave kind of vibe right now and it’s really fun … That’s kind of a hint to the album,” she added.

However, in a flurry of tweets on Tuesday (Sept. 20), the rapper insisted she was joking. “I’m not doing a german rave culture album you guys,” she tweeted. “I was pranking the outlet that interviewed me about it.”

A stream of tweets followed as the rapper continued to tease fans about the upcoming album’s sounds. “I’m doing an R&B album,” she wrote in one tweet. “Straight R&B no rap at all,” read a post that followed.

“Yall I was lying,” she then tweeted. “I’m doing an experimental jazz album. I thought it would be funny to steer you into believing i was doing r&b cuz i knew it would work but I’m doing experimental jazz now, honest truth.”

After that, she switched up her story again, writing the album would, in fact, be all R&B. She wrote in another tweet, “There is no side A or side B. The album will have 8 sides and will come in a cube shape.”

She put an end to the tweet spree with one last message a few hours later. She posted a voice memo on the social media platform, captioned “the truth.” “I’m being serious now, you guys,” she began.

“I am putting out a rock album,” she stated matter-of-factly in the clip. “It’s going to have emo jams. The name of the album is called Rock Out: Volume 1 … The Abyss … 5,000. So keep on a lookout for that. … I am entering a rock phase and I hope everyone enjoys.”

(Photo by: Rich Polk/NBC)

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