Knobcon 22: Catalyst Audio Tube Eurorack Modules

VCO, Noise, VCA, VCF and Mixer      18/09/22

Catalyst Audio have a couple of tube based modules: VCO, Noise Source, Mixer, Filter and VCA. The VCO and noise source actually use tubes to create the sound rather than “warm them up”.

The VCO has a pair of tubes, one for each side of the wave which gives some interesting configurations of waveforms, with wave folding and PWM, plus a feedback path that adds some unique resonant shapes.

The noise source has a number of noise sources, with the option to tune the noise to sound a little like a filterbank (to my ears).

The Mixer uses a tube to add drive at the output stage. They are aiming to be ready to ship by Jan/Feb 2023 – prices tbc.





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