AUv3 MIDI CC Sequencer For iOS

PatternBud îs designed for sequencing the patterns of Audio/MIDI apps      21/09/22

Cem Olcay tells us that new app PatternBud is a MIDI CC sequencer for sequencing the patterns of your Audio/MIDI apps. Here’s his description of what it can do…

You can create multiple tracks for each app you want to sequence, assign a MIDI CC number to the track and add as many steps as you want for sequencing the patterns.

You can set a step’s duration in bars, beats, note values, seconds or minutes. Each step could send a MIDI CC value or a MIDI Program Change message. Also, the steps can trigger “actions” such as jumping to a random step or a random pattern, sending extra MIDI CC, Note or Program Change messages etc.

PatternBud also has its own patterns. You can actually introduce generative sequences with the random pattern actions.

Pricing and Availability:

$4.99 at the App Store.

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