Algonaut Atlas 2 Updated

AI sample sorting gets more dynamic      06/09/22

Algonaut have updated their Atlas 2 software to version 2.3 – adding velocity changes for subtle humanization of your elements and generally getting creative. A full list of whats in version 2 is listed here. Here are some of its main features:

  • Export to MIDI and Audio loops.
  • Built for drums, fast and flexible. The best parts of a step-sequencer and a piano-roll merged together.
  • Quickly combine and modify your existing sequences to create new ones in your style.
  • Drag-drop Import MIDI files. Original timing is preserved.
  • Mix and match step timings for triplets and fast fills.
  • Polyrhythm to create complex rhythms.
  • Record in. Play it live.
  • Mirror edit to save repetitive mouse clicks.
  • MIDI out to play other plugins or hardware.
  • Easily export sequences and drive Atlas from your DAW when it’s time to dig into song arrangement.


More info from their website:


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