30. Midi Mapping Mode: +M (Ctrl+M)

Last but not least, this command will activate the midi mapping mode. 

I saved this command for last because you can take your workflow efficiency a step forward by mapping custom shortcuts in this mode. 

One way I use midi mapping to improve my workflow is by mapping Sonarworks Reference to my ‘Shift+S’ key. 

Whenever you freeze tracks in Ableton with Sonarworks active, Sonarworks will alter the EQ balance of the frozen track. You get a popup warning whenever you’re about to freeze a track with this plugin active too.  So being able to turn this off with a button press is a huge timesaver.

Note that midi mappings you make in a session will only be applied to that session. To make a midi map universal in all sessions, create the midi mapping in your default session (or another template) and resave the session as your default template. 

Now every time you open a session, the midi mappings will come along with it.

If you made it this far, congrats! You now know the top 30 Ableton Live shortcuts to supercharge your workflow. 

I recommend adopting one shortcut at a time. Keep a cheat sheet on your desk or put a sticky note on your monitor. Then move on to the next shortcut, and then the next, until you don’t have to think about it anymore. 

Eventually, you will impress your artist friends with your lightning production speed. Not to mention all of the awesome musical ideas you will be creating too.

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Your creativity is a precious resource.

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