Corporate Video  


Corporate Videos

Corporate video is the ideal way to tell the story of your company in the most powerful way possible. Creating a great story you can bring out emotion within the viewer which is decisive for grabbing your viewers attention and making an interesting and effective piece. A full video production service include, location shooting, editing, interviews with the staff, professional voice-over and music. We can also assist with arranging actors and extras if needed, as well as any other possible requirements you might have.

At D Studio Media we make sure that the corporate video's purpose convey the message from your company. We focus your company’s strengths in a exclusive and astonishing way.

Advantages of Corporate Video Production

  • One of the most cost effective techniques for promoting your company
  • Helps to build a web presence
  • Helps your SEO ranking – video adverts rank highly on search engines
  • Gets people talking about your business and sharing your video
  • Better visitor engagement
  • Gives you a competitive edge that gains customers
  • Easier Communication and instant access to a large audience

We are based in the heart of Dublin at 18 Montague Lane, (off Montague St), Dublin 2 – between Camden St / Wexford St and Harcourt St area.

All packages can be modified to meet your companies specific needs. This can include day full coverage video without editing, or shorter or longer video edits.

* Stages of production may vary depending on the requirements for each project *

Sample Work